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 The Korallthians

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Name: Kell
Race: Korrallthian
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The Korallthians Empty
PostSubject: The Korallthians   The Korallthians Icon_minitimeSat Apr 30, 2011 7:16 pm

Hailing From the jungle island of Korrallthia in south-west region of Norianhull, these brave creatures are seldom found outside their own lands. While their physical appearance is like that of a humanoid panther, they all have the courage of a lion. They walk on two legs, but are comfortable on four when such behavior is needed. Many of the species, both male and female, are excellent warriors and can master any Melee weapon placed in their paw-like extremities, but are not keen on ranged weapons. Instead of ranged attack, they prefer to rely on their innate ability in the arts of stealth and trickery to slink close to their prey.

Racial Bonuses:
Evasive Target
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The Korallthians
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